What Should I Be Asking From God

People are always asking, what should I be asking from God. Should I ask him for money, or to heal my wounds? Should I ask him for forgiveness or for him to help me find my way? If you have ever heard the saying, God will provide you with everything you’ll ever need, then why are you asking him for anything. If he is going to provide you with what you need, why are you now asking for more. Just as he gives you what you need, he also gives to the next person. But if he gives to you, then why should he not give to the person next to you. If the football player asks for his team to win the game, then why can’t the other team also ask to win the game. But as we all know there can’t be two winners of one game. So did God say yes to you and no to someone else. There is a difference between wants and needs. What you want isn’t always what you need

We, meaning the soul, is here to learn lessons. They’re not good or bad, they’re just lessons. In order for the soul to learn lessons it needs the body to do the physical part of the learning. As you’re learning the lesson you are given what you need, no more but also no less. And what you need will come to you though out different parts of your life so that you may learn the lesson. But just because your EGO thinks it needs more, doesn’t mean you ‘re going to get more. The EGO always thinks it needs more, always wants more and after that, wants more again because the last more was not more enough. According to the EGO, enough is never enough. There are plenty of examples of this through out our culture.

So when is enough ever really going to be enough? When and why should I stop asking for these extra’s? When are we going to believe that I have enough, that I don’t need to ask God for more? When should I just say, Thank you God for what you have brought me, thank you for life itself? Try doing that first, before asking for something else, for something more, for something extra. Then ask yourself if you really need it, or do you just want it. I think by then you’ll know if you should ask at all.

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  1. Love this. Thank you God, for everything I have. I’m so grateful to have everything I need to take care of myself and those I love.

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