Where do i fit in

People always want to know where they fit in this world, in this life. Wondering how they as a person will be accepted among their peers, and for that matter why do you feel that you need to be accepted, because you were taught that. The problem is that people over think the situation. We’re all the same, all coming from the same place. No matter your so called racial background or ethnicity and or religion/ ideology, we all live on the same planet and no one is leaving anytime soon so we had better start to get along before we, destroy ourselves. So Honestly where do i fit in, well wherever the hell i feel like it. If i walk into a room full of suits in jeans and sneakers, who is there to tell me otherwise that i can not attend. Will they try to tell you it states in a rule book somewhere that you are not properly dressed, nor do you have the right hair cut or have the intelligence rating to understand what’s taking place. We are all here learning lessons, fulfilling a purpose. Who is to say this is not your day to be where you are, No one.

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