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Spirit Medium Daniel
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 7 reviews
 by Kat
Highly recommended

Daniel consistently delivers authentic, significant, and timely messages that assist in one's core discovery.
Daniel's experienced insight and genuine abilities continue to be an additional source of guidance in my personal awakening and journey.

 by Karen
So grateful

May 2020 was possibly the most difficult month of my life.  I never would have imagined working at a job where it was acceptable for the support team to bully us customer-facing employees, but there I was, crying daily, filled with anxiety and depressed.

I contacted Daniel.  He agree I was going through a difficult time, but he said a better opportunity would come along. I continued for around 7 more months. I like to think I learned how to stick up for myself and others and effected change in a systemically negative environment.

When the opportunity did come, I recognized it for the positive change it was and grabbed the chance.

Since then I've been loving what I'm doing, but meeting sales quotas had me stressed, and I was wondering if I should quit before they let me go.

I contacted Daniel again. He said, "You have a tendency to give up. Don't give up." With his words in mind each time I was tempted to loo elsewhere, I kept at it.

Today I was offered a job with the same company that will allow my teaching and service skills to shine.  I'll still have sales opportunities, but they are just icing on the cake, not a requirement to continued employment. The pressure is off, and the excitement for learning and new challenges is back.

Thank you, Daniel and my spirit guides, for your guidance and help in navigating these paths.

 by Karla

Had a great conversations with Daniel. He was able to answer questions that i have had. And i highly recommend him.

 by Kiaira
Awesome reading

Daniel was SPOT ON and gave me the right advice to move forward peacefully.

 by Yvetts

He's so accurate about Joe, says he will be my partner.

 by Vinny s

Dan the medium is always a positive thinker.  And always gives positive and accurate information from the spirits. Talking with him and listening to him no matter how bad my day is. Means that there is hope. Thanks brother Dan.

 by Denyse
Many Thanks...

These are unprecedented times and I was looking for answers and confirmations when Spirit Medium Daniel came into my life.  Our sessions are insightful, and full of laughs as well.  Thank you so much for sharing your spiritual knowings and assisting me on my journey. -Denyse

I appreciate you and the value you have placed on my spiritual gift.

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