Be The Marker

People are always wondering how they will make their mark in the world, but they’re thinking in a fame frame of mind. What will they do to make a difference, what will be their defining moment in time, their swan song so to speak. The world is not going to move forward by the motion of one wave from the ocean. It will take the waves of many to provide continual motion. Instead of just thinking of what only you can do, think of how you can help move the masses. Then you’ll be known for a movement and not just a move.. Be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem. Stop thinking about just you and what’s in it for you. Your life is not just about you, it’s about how you can help others. Instead of worrying of how you’ll be remembered, go outside of those boundaries and concentrate on how you will be revered. Don’t let the dashes on a head stone be the marker, You be the marker.

2 thoughts on “Be The Marker”

  1. Scott Kruckeberg

    Does prayer really work? Because when we’re told to pray, it’s when we want something. That just seems really disingenuous to me. It seems wrong

    1. Prayer should be to give thanks and gratitude for what we have. It becomes wrong when we focus on the materialistic.

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