Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please check out these FAQ’s.  If you have a question that isn’t listed, email me!

What are your fees?

Prices vary per session depending on type, location, etc.  The Mediumship Mentoring Program is $100.00 per month.

How do I know you are legit?

The information comes from Spirit & Angels, which are instruments of God.  Please see my Reviews page to review the feedback I have received.

What is your response time?

I typically respond as soon as I receive your email, barring unforeseen circumstances (i.e. power outages, network problems, etc.)

What should I ask during a reading?

People usually want to know if they are with the right person, or if they will meet their soul-mate, twin-flame, etc. Am I in the right career, or are there career changes coming? Will my health recover? Will my family members be ok? Did my family member cross over? Once the questions are asked, more information typically flows, usually in areas that need more of your focus.

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