Let it Go

Letting go is not an easy thing to do. These are some of the things we need to let go of. Fear, guilt, power, judgement, hate, anger. Just imagine of all the things you would do or would f done without fear in your life. How many trips you would of taken, people you would of spoken to, general decisions you could of made.

One thing we should never have is power over another person. There’s one very prolific saying that is more true than any other. We are all created equal. Concentrate on the word,” Created “. We were all created by God, from a part of him, making the soul a divine soul. Each the same, each equal to the other. Each in the beginning has no race, no creed, no color and no religion. All entering the body the same. Since we’re all the same, than no one soul has the right to have power over another.

Judgement, something used by everyone in many different ways, sometimes without even thinking about it. Things decided within your own mind. ( I don’t like that car, the color of her shoes is ugly, this tv show is boring). Again, being the same soul as others, who are we to judge anything. Where did judgment come from. Did it come with the soul, no. Did I just figure it out on my own, no. Judgement, like a lot of other so called feelings were taught to you from generation to generation passed along. The reason being, again that big word, power. Passing judgement over you brings the means to have it ( Power ) over you. To control you, to keep you in a position to be watched over. Made to do things so that the power remains in the hands of the one that holds it.

Hate! Take two children at the age of two of every race, color and religion. Put them all in a stadium size room, then tell two of each grouping to point out to you which one’s they hate and watch for the confused look on their faces. Because it was learned!

Guilt, something also taught to you. Does a baby feel guilty for knocking something over, no. But a two year old might, once you point your finger at them telling them No, you’re Bad! And with a raised voice you put fear into them, with you just teaching them another feeling, ( Anger ). They learn very quickly something they do could cause you to make loud noises at them, you yelling at them. Then you tell them they should feel bad for some things that they do. Then you teach them the meaning of feeling bad. So guilt, something else taught.

Think of how much better life would be without all these terrible things in our lives. How much better would we all treat each other knowing we’re actually equal. Where would we be in our lives if not for all of these made up feelings. Try Letting Go of one of these made up feelings a little at a time. Not to just see, but to feel the changes around you. Not just for yourself, but for everyone around you.

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