Hell, Where is it? Nowhere.

We have all heard of this place called hell. It’s supposedly deep down under the earth’s surface, fire surrounding you with demons there waiting to torture you for all the wrong doings you’ve done in your life. But did you know of this place when you were born, the answer is no. This is a something that like everything was taught to you. It was taught to you for one reason and only one reason, to keep you under control. That controlling power is provided to you by religion. They want to have something over you that no man nor organization is supposed to have among anyone, and that is power. The only one who is to have power over you is God. He gave you life and when it’s time, calls your soul back home. To Home, is the only place you go, although that home has two plains of existence. There is an upper and lower. But the lower also is not hell. Lower lever is where your spirit/soul remains earth bound. And although you as a spirit will see others like you who have chosen not to cross over into the light, you can only remain here along with the others like you and the other negative energies who remain to seek out other living/body negative energies to latch onto to suck their energy out of them. Or your spirit/soul can cross over into the light of which you will be with everyone you’ve ever known who has passed away, all your friends and family along with pets and other animals. You can also visit other worlds, other galaxies, other dimensions and also return back to visit your remaining living relatives here on earth. You were created by God as a part of him which makes your soul divine. A divine energy does no wrong, it was man who decided that actions were deemed wrong in the eyes of God. But they are not. God created you to live and learn lessons . Those lessons were not right or wrong, they are just lessons. So since they are just lessons without them being right or wrong, then why does your soul need punishment, it doesn’t. And with no need for punishment, there is no actual place to be sent other than where every soul goes, Heaven. Do not let anyone or any religion tell you differently. They are not looking for your interest, only their own. their reason only being of power and money. God does not need religions kind of power over you, nor does he need money. All he wants from you is to Love him and have Faith. So again, you can not go some place that does not exist.

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