Judgement did not come from God. He sent us here to learn lessons. And when it’s time for the soul to return home, it returns with lessons learned. It is man that decided if lessons are good or bad, it is man who places judgement on what is done here. It is man who created law. I know there are those who will say that Moses came down from the mountain with the ten commandments. Those commandments were written by religion in order to control you, to keep you under control. They were written to pass judgement over you so that a particular set of people can tell you how to live. All God wants us to do is live and help one another. Help, does not mean to profit off one another, but to actually just help. . The soul, created by God from a part of himself, makes the soul divine. Without failure, guilt or shame. Those are taught feelings, again to control you. If someone or an ideal of someone makes you feel a certain way, that someone now has power over you and can impose that same feeling over and over, making you feel to be less of them or less of an idea. A man made created an idea. How can you be less than something that does not physically exist. Because it is written does not make it real unless you believe it to be real. You feel love, you know it’s within you.You do not feel guilt, you were taught guilt, shame and failure. Do not let others dictate your feelings.

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