Negative Energy PT2, How do I let go

There is only one way of getting rid of all the negative energy in your life, by simply just letting it go. But first you need to look at the sources, whether they be you friends, family, living situation or how you feel about yourself in general. Then you need to figure out how to address the issues within each source Can you do without certain friends, family, change your situation and or also find a way to fix what’s going on inside of you. Then you need to come up with a solution in relieving yourself of the stress of all these issues. Ask yourself, can I do without some of my friends. Well I started out without them, so I can make new ones. Can I do without some of my family. The only reason they are related to me is through our blood line, but that’s it. So other than that, they are no different than someone I just met on the street, and I just walked away from that person. So I can definitely walk away from a family member with the same conviction in my mind that tells me this person on the street means nothing to me. How do I fix my living situation. The same way I would if I need to go get a job, or meet new people. I need to have the perseverance to want to make things better for myself. And now the sometimes hardest one of all, fixing myself. All you need to know with that is, inside of you is bright shining beautiful light within you. It came from the same of which we all came from. You, like me were created from God, from a part of him which makes your soul divine. Divine souls do no wrong. Meaning there is nothing wrong with you other you believe the opinions of others way to much than you should. So once you’ve let those people go from your life, you’re letting go of the source of your inner turmoil.

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