Summer is almost over and I’ve cleared out some of my garden beds.  I’m still harvesting okra, zucchini, cucumbers and waiting on melons and butternut squash.  There is a shortage of canning jars & lids, so I have resorted to dehydrating or freezing a lot of my veggies.

We were to be at a festival yesterday, but the weather was cool and cloudy.  It was also raining off and on, so the event was rescheduled to 2 weeks from now.  I’ve still got all our “stuff” loaded in the back of my vehicle, and I’m pretty sure it will stay there until that event is done.

In the meantime, I continue to learn how to better use my video editing program Davinci Resolve by Black Magic Designs.  It is a nice step up from Corel Video Studio as it gives me more control over even the tiniest bits.  The free version offers you almost unrestricted abilities over the paid, and you can download it from  If you are into audio editing, give Audacity a try, also free (who doesn’t love free?)

I look forward to seeing you at the next event (August 15 at Hudson Fields-check out the events tag).  Please stay cool and hydrated and pray for those suffering with the extreme heat elsewhere.

I’ve been a bit busy lately!  Between gardening, video production and editing for our <a href=””>Beyond the Veil</a> channel and everything else, I’ve just not made the time to catch up my blog.  Just this past Saturday, I obtained my Level 1 Certification in Reiki!  It was phenomenal!  I took my class with Anita at <a href=””>Inspirit Studios</a> in Magnolia and wow, it was so great!

My garden is blooming and growing-I’ve got more radishes than I know what to do with!  I’m going to cook up the greens in garlic and avocado oil and they should be yummy!  My other “crops” are growing nicely.

I hope you all have been doing well and keeping yourselves grounded and remembering to take some “me” time.

As an empath, boundaries are a vital necessity.  Not only do YOU need to set boundaries but it is extremely important that those around you RESPECT them.

Why do you need boundaries?  Imagine that you are a rechargeable battery, and always being used up without being recharged.  Eventually, nothing will work.  You set boundaries to prevent or minimize this happening.

How is this done?  Say “no” instead of “yes” so you aren’t overextended.  Don’t allow yourself to be an emotional sounding board if you don’t want to.  Tell those that want to emotionally “dump” on you that you feel for them but you can’t deal with their problems at this time and set up a later time to help them.  Be sure to have your alone time so you can ground and recharge.

Problems can happen when others don’t respect or understand your boundaries.  Let’s say you come home from work and are instantly inundated with demands: when is dinner, mommy look what I drew, honey this happened to me at work, etc.  There are going to be times when you want to scream!  Explain to your family that when you come through the door after work that you need some time to gather yourself and decompress.  Take time to change out of your work clothes.  If you need to, take a nice hot shower and enjoy the recharge from the water.  When you feel ready, you will know.  Sometimes your family and/or significant other just doesn’t seem to understand or get it.  Be persistent.  Develop this as a new habit and hopefully, they will come on board.

Stay strong!  Don’t let others’ needs come before yours.  Like flying on a plane, put on your oxygen mask first then assist your family.  Put yourself first so you can be better for them.  It is not selfish, it is a vital need.

I don’t know about you, but I feel better when I get to work outside.  I don’t focus on the bills, other housework, etc.  My mind is in the ‘zone’ and I feel very much at peace.  Over the past few days, I’ve been removing some boxwood bushes out front.  The outsides were still green, but all the wood on the inside was dead.  The plan is to replace them with azaleas.

Are you doing what you need to do to stay “in the zone?”  Are you taking care of your spiritual self in addition to your physical?  Are you pretty on the outside but dead inside?  Are you giving all of yourself over to your significant other, kids, work, bills, etc. and not taking time for yourself to recharge?  It is absolutely vital that you care for yourself first.  Not in a selfish way (i.e. totally exclusive) but allowing time for yourself each day.  I remember when my kids were little, I would take an extra long shower just to recharge.  Sometimes I would go home after work and spend some alone time before picking them up from daycare.  If you work from home try to get some designated time for yourself, even 5-10 minutes a day will make a difference.  If your kids are very young, take that time during their naptime.  Don’t rush around cleaning/cooking etc. but spend that time for yourself.

I’d love to hear what you do to make yourself feel better! Drop me a line at <a href=””></a> and let me know.

As we are set to begin the new year, many people contemplate their New Year Resolutions.  Most fail to achieve their goals.  People make goals that are really unattainable (i.e., lose 100 pounds this year, become accomplished at a skill or task, etc.).

I would encourage you to instead, make a Revolution in your life.  What do I mean?  A revolution is a turn-around that starts small.  Instead of making a goal that is too big at the get-go, make a smaller change.  If you want to lose weight, go for a smaller goal.  If you want to become accomplished at a skill, break it down into smaller chunks and use those “chunks” to build on.  If you want to meditate for an hour per day, instead meditate for five minutes a few times each week.

If you do that, by the end of the year, you will find that you will likely exceed the goal you originally set.  Doing it this way makes it more sustainable AND achievable!  Goes back to the old saying, “how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

Good Luck!

Well, we are sure in for an interesting day tomorrow, Election Day!  With both sides declaring victory for their candidate and the outcome might be questioned by the loser.

Whomever wins, it will be interesting!  There are claims that violence might break out from the losing team (think about the major sports losses and the rioting that followed) and you’ve pretty much have the idea.

Not making this political-I want to talk about dealing with such overtones that affect you.  Turn on the tv, your phone, the radio and it’s all around you.  Coworkers, family and friends talk about it.  How do you cope?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  GROUNDING!!!!

Empaths MUST stay grounded when inundated with the negativity!  If you have to, distance yourself from the media, play music and dance, and ground yourself!  This is a time to really take care of yourself.  Please do so!

Since Daniel’s newest video is out on Patreon about intuition, I thought I’d talk about it a bit.

What is intuition?  It is that niggling feeling one gets that something is either very right or very wrong.  Have you ever been around someone and felt “icky” or your Spidey-sense gets all tingling?  Have you made a decision <em>against your better judgement</em> and paid for it?  Have you ever done something just because “it felt right” and was rewarded in some positive way?  Those are some examples of intuition.

Intuition is that sense of knowing <em>without knowing how you know</em>, that something is right or wrong.  I’m sure you have all experienced something like that.  Sure you have, you just need to think about it.

So, you have intuition. What now?  You can develop it so it becomes stronger!  How do you do that? Easy-pay attention!  Notice the times that you <em>feel</em> something and what happens next.  Pay attention to that.  Take time to write it down as that provides validation.  Acknowledge it. As you do this, you may notice it happening more frequently.  This is a good thing!  Keep going with this and your intuition will become more developed.

Next, you can try exercises to further strengthen your intuition.  I like to play a game while I’m driving I call “Left, Right, Straight.”  When I’m driving behind a car, I like to see if I can <em>know</em>  which direction they will take at the next light or intersection. I never focus so hard I lose sight of the road or my surroundings, just a light concentration.  If you practice this, you will find that your “guesses” are more right than your misses.

Another exercise is more social, when you meet someone (I know, hard to do nowadays) try to determine something personal about them.  You might be surprised!

Daniel is also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (links at bottom of page).

Well, in case you aren’t aware, October will have 2 full moons!  The first one has already happened, but the next one will be on 31 Oct!  For many people, this is not a big deal.  For those connected with spirit, it is a huge deal.  More people are affected by the actions of the moon than we realize.  As a retired RN, I can tell you that we had more admissions during a full moon than any other time.  People were suffering from cardiac events, psychological problems, and accidents than typical.

If you feel yourself affected by the moon, it is very important to take steps to minimize the effects.  Hydrate, eat healthier foods (we should be doing this anyway), and take measures to ground yourself every day.

Even with the above measures, it is possible to still feel the effects.  If you are having a crisis, please call 911! If you live alone please call a friend or family member.   Always know that you are never alone!

In today’s world, more people are socially connected than ever before. Whether it’s through email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok or the many others, we are all connected.  Some are even connected to their homes via smarthome technology.  We are never without our cell phones for very long.

What we are missing through all of this (even moreso with the distancing restriction because of Covid-19) is the lack of personal touch.  Hugs, handshakes, reassuring pats are gone for the most part.  Unless we are with our family members, we don’t physically interact with others.

Touch is therapeutic, even for empaths.  When we hug or touch another we are exchanging energy.  How many times have you hugged (or been hugged) as a way of reassuring another?  This sharing of energy is almost magical!  When an empath hugs or holds hands with another, it sends a vibration of reassurance for the benefit of both participants.  This energy exchange is almost vital for everyone, especially empaths.

So what is an empath to do?  If you live with family, try to incorporate some sort of therapeutic touch daily.  Whether it is hugging, or just a reassuring pat can go a long way.  If you live alone, a pet may be just the ticket.  Petting an animal (cat, dog, whatever) is not just a one-way street, as the pet enjoys the attention and energy.  If none of these options are available to you then it is more important for you to get involved with nature.  Touch flowers, leaves, grass, or other natural product.  Notice the texture of what you are touching.  Plants are living and also thrive on touch.  If plants are not available to you, how about getting a massage (if able)?  A massage is a great form of therapeutic touch, especially when the hands are massages.

So drop me a line or comment below and let me know what you think about therapeutic touch!

In the movie, “<em>Star Wars</em>” Obi-wan Kenobi felt a great disturbance in the Force when Alderaan was destroyed. “I felt a great disturbance in the Force… as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.”  Many empaths felt something similar on 11 Sep 2001 when the towers were destroyed and many lives were lost.

When a tragedy happens, many empaths may be unaware of the tragedy and ensuing loss of life but instead feel confused, dizzy, weak, “off” and perhaps nauseous.  So how does an empath deal with such overwhelming feelings?  First, make sure you can ground and find your center.  Find a quiet place and do some deep cleansing breaths.  Focus internally and try to even out your energy.  If you are able, spend extra time grounding.  Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.  Drink plenty of water. Make sure you are getting enough sleep.  Take steps to find calmness by meditating, or just focusing on your breathing.

We can hope nothing like this ever happens again, but we need to be ready just in case.  Being able to quickly center yourself will not only help you in another event such as that, but also when personal tragedies happen (i.e. death of a family member or friend, accidents, sudden illness).

I hope everyone is doing well.  I’d like to talk about energy and grounding.  As empaths, we tend to pick up energy from all around us. Whether it is positive, negative, or neutral depends on our social circle and the environment we are in.  When we are exposed to negative energies, it tends to drag us down and may cause symptoms such as being tired, in a funk, brain fog, and losing interest in our normal tasks and hobbies.  When this happens, and we notice it early on (it gets easier to notice with more practice) it is vitally important to ground ourselves.  What does this mean? It means finding a way to counteract the negative energy.  It is different for some people but common methods are: walking or standing barefoot on the grass, going to the beach, sitting under a tree with your back against the trunk, or something as simple as being in close contact with a loved pet.  Doing these things (one or all) takes the focus off the negative energy and re-focuses it onto something positive. This will re-charge your batteries and help you repel negative energy.  Please try this and see if it makes a difference! I’d love to hear from you, email me at:”

Hello and welcome to my blog.  My intent is to explain what life is like as an empath, the types of empaths, and how you can live peacefully if you are one.

I grew up as a “sensitive” child.  I never really knew what being a true empath meant.  I’m sure you hear the term “empathic” or “empathetic” from time to time.  Empathy is having an understanding of what a person is feeling.  Being an empath is a bit different, as if means you have an innate ability to actually experience the emotional or mental state of another person.  This is, of course, a broad definition, as there are different types of empaths.

Empaths have often been called “highly sensitive people” or “introverts.”  While all of these types are similar, there are subtle differences between them.  If you would like more information about these types, I highly recommend Dr. Judith Orloff’s books (<a href=””></a> as a starting point as well as reading the information at her site.

Anyway, back to me.  I realized in grade school that I was experiencing very heightened emotions.  I would walk around school and my emotions ranged from despair to anger and anywhere in-between.  I never understood it until many years later when I heard the term empath.  The more I read about it, the more it made sense to me.  However, understanding about it didn’t help me deal with the sensations I experienced.  Fast-forward many years and I came across someone at work who explained that my confused emotional state was due to my unfiltered empathic ability.  Wow! What a revelation!  She recommended that I focus on my emotions and breath when it happened.  It did help but it wasn’t until I read Dr. Orloff’s book “The Empath’s Survival Guide” that I was able to help myself even further in discerning and controlling these feelings.

I have also learned that I am intuitive empath, as well as an emotion empath.  I know things without knowing where the knowledge came from, as well as picking up emotions from others.  It takes work to filter but it’s worth doing the extra in order to fine-tune these abilities.

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